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Since I was five years old, my dream was to be a writer.  I never thought I could write anything more than a grocery list, but I’ve managed to put together enough words to make a novel.  It started from a short story I wrote in High School and has blossomed into a full series.

I was born in Brooklyn, NY but lived most of my life all over Florida.  I graduated from Columbia High School in Lake City, FL and moved on to the University of Florida to study Education.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education.  I’ve worked in education for the past 13 years 6 of which have been here in Texas. My favorite part of my job is teaching writing. In Special Education it’s sometimes difficult to get a child who has a great deal of difficulty with writing to compose a story. Recent advances in technology, along with some good old fashioned tried and true methods, has given these students a chance to express themselves in a way they never could before. It’s exciting to see kids who no one thought could ever compose a story, write something that is beautiful and insightful.

My challenge to you. Never underestimate a person’s potential to do things you never thought they could. I never thought I could become a writer and, while it’s way too early to gage my success, the fact that I was able to complete a novel at all still amazes me. We should all know our limitations, but don’t be afraid to test them every once in a while.


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